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* Some of the best services in the market;

* High quality learning and software solutions, for regular and bigger clients;

* Accesible content - We value the freemium business model: free of charge products and services for begginers, reduced prices for NGO's and also premium content priced according to the industry standards.

* We are strong supporters of education and e-learning platforms;

* We want you to succeed. You are our marketing: you win -> we win;

About us and our values:

Who are we? What do we do? We are:

A very dedicated team of traders that share a common mindset of helping other to achieve a better financial status, with the purpose of spreading good practices and tested ideas for investing and trading, for this we provide premium and also free educational content to anyone.

We believe that the best way to achieve a globally efficient financial system is by educating and improving the education of individuals and enterprises, using both the online and offline mediums of communication, to grow  their efficiency in the ecosystem, financial power and knowledge.

Our vision -> Whitepaper (not available yet)

Our founding history:

All of it started when our founder (aka "KryptoJohn" anonymization for safety reasons), former military, decided to tackle financial markets in order to increase his capital. Despite the fact that first time he tried trading, he suffered great losses, he soon realised that education is key to reaching profitability. Thereby, he actively gained strong knowledge about cryptocurrency and other financial markets, on trading and investing, and with an already strong financial theoretical background dating from his early years as a mathematics student, he learned the secrets of profitability and over the last years, has built a very efficient and verifiable proven system that simply works.

-> Our strategy efficiency metrics can be seen by visiting our paper trader/investor page @ AuctusTrading online platform: https://trading.auctus.org/top-traders/705).

Our mission is based on educating others about how to avoid mistakes and increase chances of success in fincial markets, and focused on showing that building profit is not impossible for the average individual. In a desire to limit those that get to lose money like our founder did when he first started, which can trigger a vicious circle that ruins lifes and sometimes leads to bankruptcy, we have built this website and the resources published within, and also have decided to price some of them because they provide real value and real value must be reciprocated as it is a driver of wealth when managed correctly. We also share free learning material and resources, articles and other market analysis to help you keep in touch with the latest developments over multiple industries.

This is how  K R Y P T O J O H N  brand emerged and why we plan to change the financial education sector, to fulfill our vision of helping regular people build wealth through foremost investing in education, the pillar of success.

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Keep in touch with us and our projects:

You can follow us on social-media and other platforms in order to keep in touch with the latest updates and services we offer!

We also plan to build several innovative platforms in the cryptocurrency, financial and educational fields aswell as fintech, as follows:
  * Under development:  
  https://deecentral.com (a platform for everything related to blockchain and descentralised technologies - research, statistics, news, opportunities, investment - mainly an online media brand).
  * Under development:  
  https://nekti.co (All-in-One integrated platform for descentralised technologies that work together - search engine for dApps and integrated infrastructure for decentralised Web-as-a-Service - Web 3.0 WaaS).
  * Under development:   
  https://idemy.co (e-learning platform for aspiring trainers that will cover a variety of fields in human and social knowledge, both financial and non-financial, taking a hybrid innovative approach of connecting online with offline education simultaneously).

You can view our full list of projects here as soon as we will make it public.

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What we offer:

T R A D I N G & Cryptocurrency - Educational content and software solutions

We offer free and paid courses, online and offline training, support groups and signals for latest opportunities, advanced technical analysis, webinars, trading exchanges reviews, news and private consultance regarding trading best practices, rules and guidelines to prevent losses and stimulate profitability through data research and statistical probability. 

We offer both educational online courses and our unique software automated trading bot that is fully automated from the client standpoint.

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I N V E S T I N G - Educational content only

We also provide courses, online and offline training, content, news and consultance regarding investment best practices and tools to reduce entry barriers and enhance results. 

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B U S I N E S S , Finances and Personal Development: Educational content only

Free and paid courses, online and offline training, research, news and consultance regarding business strategies, tools and techniques to reduce costs, optimise operations and maximise profits. 

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