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Bitcoin - BTCUSD (Bitstamp) - 7 February 2019 - Technical analysis - Potential future price action

#BTCUSD, Bitstamp, bitcoin, btc, technical, analysis elliot, wave, bullish, bearish, price, action

 - Published on 7th of February 2019 -  

This is not financial advice, only destined for entertainment and paper-trading purposes. 

All details are contained in chart analysis image.

Looks like Bitcoin (BTCUSD) just broke bullish, in a horizontal accumulation type of move, from the massive falling wedge it was for almost a year. We could face short-mid-term bullish future price action if the massive hidden divergences on the weekly MACD and RSI chart come to fruition.

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Bitcoin #BTC finally under 5000$! Where could it be heading in the near future? Read to find out!

bitcoin, price, prediction, trading, profit

- Published on 19th of November 2018 - 

Bitcoin just went under 5000$ for the first time since 2017. Next support is at 4900-4700$, according to technical analysis.

After the descending triangle on the weekly/monthly chart came to fruition, professional traders already anticipate the following price support area for bitcoin $BTC and the future price action that could lead to lower around 3900-3200 levels in the near future.

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 - Post published on 19th November 2018 -  

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 - Post published on 19th November 2018 -  

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