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DISCLAIMER - Very important!
Sincerity and transparency are our core beliefs that allow for a healthy economy and business, that is why we will share this with you: 

  • " I, founder of this website ( have suffered big financial losses due to trading and investing activities in the cryptocurrency field, at the beggining of my financial career (2014), but during this nefarious experience I learned important and costly lessons that allowed me to develop a tested, highly efficient working strategy and risk management methodologies, which enhance the probability of realising profits with reduced risk. That is how "KryptoJohn" brand emerged, to help both individuals and businesses reduce risk in emerging and existing markets and avoid regular mistakes anyone can fall pray to, in our diverse financial global and local landscape. By doing this I hope to contribute to keeping a safer financial environment for anyone that wishes to get involved with creating a healthy money life that allows freedom of the mind and body. It is an honour to help. Thank you for your support."

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    We do not accept users under 18 years of legal age due to the highly addictive nature of trading and the idea of capital gain opportunities! (which is why in our courses we regularly reccomend psychiatric specialists for gambling-related addiction problems).

    Trading and investing are difficult activities, not destined for underage individuals, and we do not guarantee that applying our strategies and recommendations will lead to automatic wins, due to the multiple factors and variables that contribute to a successful trading and investing endeavour (a major factor in trading success being unique trader's psychology and money management policies he chooses to apply to his trading/investing strategies).

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    The information contained on our website is for paper trading only, with the purpose of allowing our customers develop trading and investing abilities in a practical way that encourages strict money-management and loss reduction methodologies in financial markets, as well as applying strategies that rely on empirical and mathematical data to increase probability (eg: fractal patterns, opening and closing prices for a commodity, price action, trending cycles, price history and so on).

    All trading done by our users in real markets and outside demo accounts with offline/online trading exchanges/brokers are solely the responsability of the same individuals that decide to risk their capital.

    We do not encourage playing in any market without a solid paper trading and experience (demo accounts), efficient trading and investment strategies that are backtested for a minimum of 6 months (one year for maximum efficiency) per distinct market (before using it for real accounts) and we cannot be held responsible for any losses one incurs on his capital.

    This website and the services we offer are an analytical resource for the financial markets, and do not represent investment advice, but only various ways to increase the probability of a successful investment activity. You are responsible for your own actions. Please remember that, due to their highly volatile and sometimes chaotic behaviour, markets and data are irreproductible and mathematical models cannot be considered a guarantee, which is why individual traders's psychology and risk-management strategies are essential in order to be profitable. We only show how it can be done in a professional manner, not how you must do! You take full responsability for your own actions.

    We do not offer investment advice, we only offer learning content that aims to increase financial knowledge among our customers! Please keep in mind that speculative assets are a very high-risk activity that can - statistically - lead to great losses in favour of losing players (aproximately 90% of traders lose money) if not managed professionally.

    !!! Please, if you are not a professional, only paper trade, we do not reccomend playing in real markets without prior theoretical and practical experience in paper-trading testing environments, otherwise you take full responsability for your trading/investing activities.

    Trading and investing in financial markets, especially emergent ones like cryptocurrency markets, can lead to negative consequences on your financial capital and affect your financial well-being. Learn responsibly about financial markets and specific instruments/terms before taking financial actions with real money. We offer guidance to finding the best resources and strategies you can apply to maximise the probability of financial success.


    !!! Please read below - as a warning related to high risk of trading/investing activities - a short transcript representing a reccomendation to a bankrupt trader that lives in isolation, as he lost all of his money (4 bitcoins) (comment extracted from public chatbox on Trading platform, adapted to better grammar):  

    "Gambling does bad to a person. Go and speak to someone, stay away from it all for a few weeks. Spend time with those who matter and put this past you. It's only money and you can make it back the old fashioned way, but you must stop gambling, professionals don't gamble and that is why they make money, statistically. Buy and hold is always the best long term strategy. Trading is really only for pros as 90%+ will lose everything and you must only play with what you afford to lose, otherwise the stress and potential losses will eventually materialise and make you lose everything. Please be safe."